'The Matthews' release their debut EP 'Ghost Town' with Spitfire Studios in Los Angeles on March 11th 2016.
Broken is the lead track...it is their most personal song yet.
It was recorded on the same piano, with the same engineer, in the same studio as Adele's 'Someone Like You'.
'The Sessions were produced by Warren Huart, who has also worked extensively with Aerosmith & the Fray,among other leading rock luminaries.' 
Along with Warren 'The Matthews' have the backing of Hotpress (Ireland's leading Music Magazine) who has been championing the band over in Ireland.
"The Matthews have the potential to be huge," Hotpress editor Niall Stokes said. "They have everything that a rock band needs to achieve lift-off -great songs, outstanding musical ability, a lead singer in Jack Matthews who has an extraordinary voice, a great image and an amazing work ethic"


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